The numbers show he can connect with students, but most importantly he understands them.

Students reached with the Good Vibes message.
Students served with career/work opportunities.
Presentations delivered across North America and online.

What is his backstory?

MR GOOD VIBES (Tony Downey) is a 25 year old entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada.

He was born to teenage parents and grew up in at-risk communities for most of his childhood. He was cut from soccer teams, bullied, and experienced racism. He is no stranger to the struggle, and he has had to maintain a positive mindset from a young age. 

After starting a successful landscaping business at the age of 14, he fell in love with the game of entrepreneurship. Fast forward to the age of 17, his senior year in high school, Vibes had several full-ride NCAA Division 1 soccer scholarship offers and decided to commit to a school in Massachusetts. This was also the time when he got the idea for another business. He saw that there was a problem in the world: there wasn’t enough positivity. The youth were struggling with mental health, they were unsure about their future, and overall needed hope. This is when he decided to start his Good Vibes movement and began selling tens of thousands of Good Vibes t-shirts, partnering with high schools across North America for anti-bullying campaigns.

In between semesters and the soccer season, VIBES was conducting his motivational speaking tours, sponsored by Burger King and Dave & Buster’s.

After speaking with tens of thousands of students, MR GOOD VIBES noticed a common problem. Teens wanted an easier way to find work opportunities. Most of them wanted to become financially independent to put aside money for their passions, whether that was post-secondary education, music lessons, athletic academy fees, or even streaming equipment. This is when he decided to create Jobify, a mobile app that connects teens to local jobs. Within 18 months of the app being live, it climbed the App Store rankings to secure a position on the Top 10 List.

In light of his ability to constantly solve problems the youth face, the mayor of North Miami Beach declared February 15th as MR GOOD VIBES Day, while CBC named him a Leading Voice in Technology.

He has used his business success to build a strong personal brand for himself that awards him lucrative corporate speaking engagements with Fortune 500 companies. VIBES has had the opportunity to work with brands such as Spotify, Loblaws, Tim Horton's, Cineplex, etc.

Now, in addition to his tech company, speaking tours, and philanthropic efforts, VIBES leads an investment firm called GOOD VIBES CAPITAL that has holdings in the public markets, along with several startup companies (with 1 successful exit already).

Given VIBES’ extensive experience across various fields, students get a lot of value when speaking with him, especially since he is not that much older than them.
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