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5 Years

This is how many people we want to reach with the Good Vibes Message.
In a world where over 40% of students feel sad or hopeless, every action towards change counts. The Good Vibes Message, led by Mr Good Vibes, aims to battle these odds with hope and resilience. By becoming an ambassador, not only do you get to contribute to creating a supportive atmosphere amongst your peers, but also earn while aiding a crucial cause. Join us, and let's make a meaningful difference together.

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Actions & Rewards

High School show

Get your principal or counselor to book Mr Good Vibes for a school presentation.
Up to $500

Sell Our Book

Using a promo code, sell our book written by Mr Good Vibes to your friends & peers.
25% of sales

Sell Our Merch

Using a promo code, sell any of our merch such as t-shirts and bandanas to your friends & peers.
25% of sales
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