Good Vibes Tour

September 2023 - April 2024

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We donate 10% of the proceeds towards mental health assistance for teens.

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topics of discussion on tour

Anti - Bullying

35% of teenagers have confirmed that they have experienced traditional forms of bullying at school.

This number is rather high, and it's only what's reported. Think about all of the incidents that aren't spoken of.

The GOOD VIBES message is an inclusive movement that the students want to rally behind. They look up to MR GOOD VIBES so they listen to his advice.

Schools can expect a culture of unity and better behaviour after this presentation. MR GOOD VIBES makes it cool to be kind to one another.

Mental Health

It has been reported that 1/10 teenagers attempt suicide every year. That's 10%!

Life can be difficult for students, especially when there's so much pressure on them to figure out what they're supposed to do with the rest of their lives. Most teens feel lonely and express that they don't know who they can talk to about their problems.

MR GOOD VIBES brings a message of hope that they can relate to.

Students leave this presentation feeling empowered and positive that they can tackle the challenges ahead of them with confidence.

self - Development

In a recent global poll, apparently 85% of people are unhappy with their jobs.

MR GOOD VIBES has made it his mission to help teens grow up pursuing what they actually want to do with life.

This presentation covers important themes such as self-awareness and perseverance.

Teens will leave this presentation with a better sense of what their passions are, and how to make a career out of them. They will also be equipped to not give up as they face adversity in life, but rather use those moments as learning lessons to propel them forward.

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